Swallow Hill Music Annual Report

Swallow Hill Music Annual Report site by Mathew Wood.


Swallow Hill Music

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Project Goals

Update Swallow Hill Music’s digital annual report, which is a separate microsite from their main website. Keep the same basic layout, while improving page speed, buggy animations and a poor mobile experience. Update with new content, donor lists, financial data, fonts, brand colors and imagery year-over-year.


I began by studying their current main website to get a list of brand assets to use. I adjusted the existing annual report site to fix mobile responsiveness issues, and updated everything to their current brand standards. I also reduced the number of plugins being used and optimized their images for page loading speed and SEO. I organized the donor lists into easy-to-update reusable templates.


Overall increase in Lighthouse & GT Metrix scores. Swallow Hill Music is very happy and have returned for the past three years to create their annual report.